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5 Tips On Storing Your Chainsaw

Posted by TIMBERPRO-UK on 9th Feb 2018

5 tips on storing your Chainsaw

When storing your chainsaw (for longer than a month of no use) we always suggest following these 5 simple steps to preserve to long life of your Chainsaw.

Emptying the fuel tank: It is important to empty your fuel tank in a well ventilated place and then clean it. Remember to drain the carburettor first, this will prevent the carburettor diaphragms from sticking together. It is also important to drain the fuel tank to prevent fuel lines from perishing. (This should also be done after every use to prevent fuel lines perishing)

Dismantling your Chainsaw: After emptying your fuel tank, remove the guide bar and chain and clean them.

Store in a dry place: Your chainsaw should be stored is a dry, clean place. We suggest finding a place that is well ventilated and protected from the elements. We advise keeping it indoors.

Keep your machine dust free: Your chainsaw should always be packed away in a dust free environment. You can store your chainsaw in your TIMBERPRO carry bag provided with your purchase.

Safe storage: Always store your chainsaw and out of reach of other people (e.g. children). The best place to store your chainsaw is above ground or in a cupboard.